Water Pumping

130 MLD water pumping from Nag River.


Transfer Treated water to TPS Koradi (MAHAGENCO).


Service Maintaining Quality of Effluent.

We are taking 130 MLD sewage effluent from the Nag River and treating this sewage water as per Mahagenco requirement to use treated water in Ash cooling and cooling towers. This Sewage wastewater treatment plant serves following purposes.

  • Reduction in pollution load from Nag River.
  • Reduction in fresh Water consumption for Power generation at Koradi TPS.
  • Improved Aesthetic and environment around Nag River Basin.
  • Reuse of Treated Sewage into process and excess will be used for Nag River Dilution and improve DO level.
  • Generation of Methane gas through sludge digestion and use the same gas in city public transport vehicles.
Final Treated Sewage water quality as per MAHAGENCO requirement for reuse
Sr.No. Parameter Prescribed Quality of effluent (mg/Lit)
1 pH 6.5 to 8.5
2 Oil and Grease Not to exceed 5
3 BOD (3 day at 27deg) Not to exceed 10
4 Free Ammonia (As N) Not to exceed 1.2
5 Nitrates Not to exceed 45
6 Dissolved Phosphate (P) Not to exceed 5
7 Dissolved Oxygen Not less than 5
8 Faecal Coliform No FC/100ml
9 Total Coliform 200 TC/100ml
10 Floating Matter Nothing obnoxious or detrimental for use purpose
11 Bioassay test on Fish 90% survival of fish after first 96 Hours in 100% effluent